Tsugaru Japanese Restaurant
Since 1972

Tsugaru Japanese Restaurant has been serving finest Japanese food to South Bay in San Jose, CA since 1972.  At Tsugaru, we provide the most smooth and enjoyable dining experience.  Located in Japan Town in San Jose, CA, we provide an easy access to people in South Bay.  From the glass of water, or tea, to your last piece of sushi, you can feel the difference we make for your finest dining experience.  Tsugaru is the ultimate destination for Japanese Cuisine in San Jose, CA. You will find the excellent Japanese food in reasonable price.

Did you know that Tsugaru is one of the first Japanese restaurants in South Bay?  If you are looking for original and authentic Japanese dining experience, you have found the right place.  Great-tasting, fresh Sushi and Sashimi, Udon, teriyaki, and creatively decorated rolls, we are proud of the way we create an experience for you to taste Japanese food.


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